From April 2021 Barcarolle Choir will welcome its new Chairperson, Antonella Harrison.

Antonella, originally from Italy, has been living in London since 1990, and singing with the Barcarolle Choir for the past two and a half years.

There is no doubt that Antonella’s contagious positivity, energy and enthusiasm will be transmitted to the Choir.  All these qualities will help Barcarolle Choir face its future challenges and projects with panache.

The Choir would like to thank Hélène Coste who has been the Chair for the past six years. Under her guidance Barcarolle Choir has grown in number and ability and has amplified its repertoire with a very wide current range of genres.

Here a picture of Antonella in full action during our last Concert in June 2019.


In March 2021 Barcarolle Choir was featured online in two occasion.

First in the London International Music Festival blog and online edition:  

Second in the Easter Scoop Edition of Kensington Mums online website:


We had a lovely last rehearsal in December. A good run of Christmas Carols and some cheers all together!

Click here below to see our pic!

We are back to our separated rehearsals on Zoom now since January 14th hoping to quickly switch to our physical rehearsals.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to try one of our free rehearsal sessions.


During the Covid Pandemic two of our members Catherine and Yasmine decided to put together a team of skilled and altruistic beings and started MAKING MASKS . These face masks will initially be made for and donated to vulnerable groups, associations and charities, the sick and the needy, volunteers, medical staff (NHS and more) -NOT FRONTLINE. We are following NHS guideline as to what material we use, patterns, instructions, strict hygiene, health and safety standards.

Until now the team has donated more than 1000 masks to Hospitals, Hospices, Care home, NHS, community service organisations….

Richmond Nub News article:

Check their social media pages to know more about them:

If you wish to donate and support the team follow this link: Zoom

Barcarolle Choir had its last virtual rehearsal on December 3rd. It was a lovely way to finish this term singing Christmas Carols and cheering with some drinks and pies.   Some of our Barcarolle singers are very proud to have taken part to the following event last September 2018!
The London premiere of the "Street Requiem, a Concert of Hope"

Barcarolle Choir is on the news.

Read our Director’s interview given on the french magazine L’Echo Magazine.
You will find the english translation below.

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